• Paint Protection

  • Plastics – Prevents fading and will revitalize old plastic

  • Leather & Vinyl Protection – protects from UV damage which causes cracking and fading.

  • Headlight Protection and Restoration- stops the oxidation and yellowing

  • Glass – Windshields clean easier, better visibility and reduces rock chips

  • Resist Scratches and Chips

  • Heat Tolerance over 750 degrees

Protect your Vehicle with Ionic – Better Product Better Value!

Ceramic Thin Film Technology

Some dealerships today are selling a spray on sealant that doesn’t provide the durability most believe they are getting from the “product” which is different that having a warranty.

Ionic Ceramic is durable, makes the vehicle look great and provides real protection against the elements.

If you want a product to truly protect your vehicle – Try Ionic!  You won’t regret it.

If the car doesn’t pass the eye test, it is worth less…It’s that simple

5 Year Warranty with Professional Application
Protect your Vehicle with Ionic – Better Product Better Value!

Klimate Shield Defense

Better than Undercoating – Heat Resistant – Comes with 5 year warranty with professional application.

Rust can destroy a vehicle and one of the myths is that newer vehicles don’t rust.  It is a myth; if there is chemicals and salt on the road it needs the extra protection to prevent rust from destroying your vehicle.

Defense is a water based, heat resistant, environmentally friendly.

Protects metal, rubber and plastic from oxidation, rust and corrosion.

5- Year warranty.

Professional application is required; ask us about a distributor, dealer or applicator in your area.

5 Year Warranty with Professional Application

Coming Soon!  Another Innovation from Klimate Shield.