Why Klimate Shield?

Hull paints that last for years, unmatched UV protection to prevent oxidation, with a slick coating for easy removal of salt, water spots and calcium deposits on multiple surfaces.

  • Anti-Fouling to mitigate contaminates from sticking to hulls

  • Slick surface to improve performance

  • Testing show 15 year performance against UV Damage

  • Prevents fading & oxidation

  • More abrasion resistant & durable than Nano-Ceramic Coatings

  • Improve performance.

  • Impact and scratch resistant

  • Can be polished and buffed

  • Easy cleaning with soft wash towel or sponge

  • Will not Yellow or Crack

  • Easily remove salt and calcium deposits

  • Formulations for multiple surfaces and applications

Proven Reliability

Initially developed for military and industrial applications.  Klimate Shield’s products have an established track record of durability.  It is now available to protect your watercraft.

  • Originally developed with the Navy to fight rust & corrosion.

  • Industrial barges with over 7 years of performance and protection.

  • Industry leading warranty backed by an A Rated Class XV Insurer.

Reduce Your Maintenance Expense

Save thousands in maintenance and repaint expenses over the life of your investment.

  • Lower repaint expense.

  • Reduces maintenance time.

  • Contaminates easily wash away.

  • No need for harsh chemicals.

  • Improve fuel economy with lower drag.

  • Improve performance.

  • Protect your propeller & propulsion system from rust and sea growth.

Environmentally Responsible

Hey, we get it as a boat owner you probably love being on the water.

You probably want to make sure the next generation can also enjoy the water, it’s fish and everything nature has to offer.

  • Compliant with strict California. VOC Regulations

  • Non-Flammable & Non-Hazardous

  • Non-Ablative

  • No Leaching of Harmful Chemicals

  • Clean without the use of Harsh Chemicals

  • Removes harmful chemicals from our waterways, water systems and oceans

  • No Biocides that harm the environment

Learn More about how some Hull Paints can damage the ocean, sea life and the waterways you love…

Marine ReNew

Remove Years of Damage & Oxidation

Oxidation & Fading of a boat is a constant battle.  Our unique process will remove the oxidation, condition the surface and prevent the oxidation from returning with proper maintenance. ​

  • Sun Damage

  • Salt Damage

  • Oxidation

  • Weathering

  • Fading

  • Chalking

1 Year Warranty

5 Year  Warranty with Marine Maintenance Kit

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Boat Demo - Raw Video

KS Bottom Paint

Protects your watercraft exterior below the water line by preventing contaminates and sea growth from permanently adhering to the surface.

  • Contaminates fall off at 5 to 7 knots, or with power washing

  • Color Options: Clear, White, Black, Blue

  • No harmful Chemicals or Biocides

  • Does not “leach” copper or zinc into the water

  • Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance

  • Would you rather paint every other Year or Every 5 Years?

Industry Leading 5 Year warranty

KS Complete Hull Protection

Protects your watercraft above and below the waterline.  Reduces maintenance cost, long lasting, environmental responsible and military grade quality.  All the benefits of bottom paint plus:

  • Protects against Fading & Oxidation above the water line

  • Protect Decals

  • Preserves Finish

  • Easier Clean Up and Washing

  • No Need for harsh cleaners or chemicals

Industry Leading 5 Year warranty

KS Cabin Protection

Protect all your vertical surfaces above the deck from fading and oxidation.  Our coating is resistant to abrasion and will not yellow or crack.  Salt and calcium are easily removed with just power spraying

Industry Leading 5 Year warranty

KS Ceramic Glass Protection

Protect all your glass surfaces to make cleaning and maintenance easier & faster.  Water Spots, Salt and calcium are easily cleaned with normal washing without the use of harsh chemicals.

2 Year Warranty

KS Propeller Protection

Protects propeller from cavacation while also preventing sea growth and rust from permanently forming on your propellers, shafts, rudders, struts, trim tabs and hull fittings.

Special hydrophobic additives reduce drag, increasing power, fuel economy and efficiency.

Industry Leading 5 Year warranty

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Marine Endure

Beat Rust with a Military Grade Solution

Below the Waterline – Keep it clean without acid washing.

Boats that are left in the water will collect algae, mussels, barnacles and other debris that is hard and expensive to remove.

Marine Endure is a clear coating that will protect your boat for years and make cleaning a snap when you pull it from the water.

Protection for:

  • Fiberglass

  • Rubber

  • Plastics

  • Metal

  • Gelcoats & Clear Coatings

  • Decals

  • Oxidation & Sun Damage

5 Year Warranty

Examples coming Soon!

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Marine Defense

Rust & Corrosion Protection for your boat, trailer and tow vehicle.

Water, Salt and Metal are a great combination for rust & corrosion.

You can protect your boat, trailer and tow vehicle from being damaged by rust.  

Using our proprietary process we can stop pre-existing rust in its tracks.

Superior Protection of all sizes in fresh and saltwater boats. 

5 Year Warranty
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Trailer Extend – Tire Protection

Prevents Cracking & Dry Rot

Tires can be a challenge with boat trailers. They tend to crack and dry rot long before the tread or the life of the tire has been used.

This is due to lack of use, UV Damage and Oxidation from the sun.  Damaged tires can be a safety hazard and expensive.  

Most blowouts are due to tire pressure, load and cracking due to dry rot.

The Solution

Trailer Extend Tire Protection is designed to protect your tires from Oxidation and UV Damage from the sun.  With an annual application, the tire will be protected.

5 Year Warranty
Trailer Blowout & Saftey
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