• Your Clients will Be Impressed

    Depth of Gloss, Durability & High Quality Sio2 

    Due to the high content of Sio2, all of our Ionic Ceramics are sold through our professional network of installers.
  • Klimate Shield Extend is Sunscreen for your tires!  It protects your tires from dry rotting and cracking due to UV and Oxidation Damage. RV’s, Trailers or Vehicles that are not used much and sit tend to have tires that crack and dry out long before the tread is depleted.  DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DRIVING ON BAD TIRES; IT IS DANGEROUS. Protect your tires from UV Damage and Oxidation that causes cracking and dry rot; hey and your tires will always look great too! FREE SHIPPING
  • Rust converter is an industrial grade water based product to treat existing rust.  It chemically changes the rust to stop the oxidation process.  Then you can apply Defense to prevent future rust and corrosion. FREE SHIPPING  
  • Klimate Shield Defense is a military and industrial grade product used to protect against rust and corrosion.  Now available to consumers under the Klimate Shield line of products.  Our system also allows the customer to treat existing rust and prevent additional future damage.
  • Beat the Heat!  Klimate Shield Insulate is a roof protection designed lower the temperature on the roof of your RV making it easier to cool in the summer and hold heat in the winter.  
  • Klimate Shield’s Renew is effective in removing years of oxidation, fading and minor scratches and sealing the surface of your RV, Boat or Vehicle from future damage.  Renew typically SAVES over ½ the time compared to traditional applications. FREE SHIPPING