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Klimate Shield Insulate – Roof Protection


Beat the Heat!  Klimate Shield Insulate is a roof protection designed lower the temperature on the roof of your RV making it easier to cool in the summer and hold heat in the winter.



RV’s have a challenge on hot summer days!  The A/C runs all day and still cannot keep the RV Cool.  Most RV Cooling systems can only provide about 20 degrees difference in temperature on a hot day.  So if it’s 100 Degrees outside and  you are not in a shaded area to protect your RV from the direct sun; Your RV will be HOT and Uncomfortable.

Insulate will lower the temperature on the roof 20 to 28 degrees on a hot day, making it easier for your A/C to keep your RV Cool.

Klimate Shield’s Insulate Roof Protection was specifically designed to help buildings be more efficient by reducing the amount of heat/UV Rays can penetrate a surface therefore lowering the temperature.

The inventor of the product wanted to create a product like “Energy Efficient Windows” that use argon gas to reduce the amount of heat that can transfer through the glass.  Our roof protection uses micro-ceramic beads to absorb heat and not allow it to penetrate through the roof.  Like insulation in the walls of a home or argon gas in window but can be used outside.  The product once applied is less than 1/16 of an inch thick so it doesn’t add extra weight.

Insulate also protects the roof, calking and seams from UV Damage which cause the roof to degrade overtime causing leaks and other problems with an RV.

When you apply Insulate over the calking, it provides an additional layer of protection that prevents UV Damage, drying and cracking of the calk, therefore eliminating leaks where applied.

  • Insulate is waterbased and nontoxic!
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Termite Resistant
  • 100% Waterproof when product cure – Typically no more than 2 days.
  • Can be used to repair a roof instead of complete replacement.

Can be used in other applications to reduce heat and or protect from extreme cold.

Other Possible Applications:

Container Homes – Reduce heat transferred through the metal to help reduce heat.

Metal Buildings and Portable Offices – Reduce heat and cooling problems.

Mobile Home Roofs – Because it is 100% water proof it can be a better application for repairing or replacing a roof.

Real Examples of RV Roofs



How long will it last?

Insulate is expected to last over 5 years when properly applied and annual cleaning.

How do you apply it?

The product is typically rolled on using typical paint rollers

Can Insulate be used to repair RV Roofs instead of replacing?

Yes.  This can potentially save an RV Owner thousands of dollars.  Used Roof tape to “mend” the area together using a quality roof tape then apply insulate over the area.

Is there any RV Roof that is too severe damaged for product to work?

Yes.  If the roof is so badly torn that “Roof Tape” cannot be used to mend the roof together, the product may not get the proper adhesion in the torn area.

How many coats of Insulate will I need?

Two Coats –  The first coat is a thin coat that acts as the “primer” coat and promotes better long term adhesion.

What equipment will I need?

It depends on how you will apply, but you will need minimal equipment.  See application instructions.

How do I repair an area that has chipped off or has a tear?

Clean the area.  You can apply over the area with a brush or roller.  Level the product by filling the area and floating it so it tapers into a level application.

Do I need to clean the area before applying?

Yes, surface should be free of dirt, oil and or grease to get the best adhesion of the product.  The product will not stick to oil, grease or dirt.  ONLY USE WATERBASED PRODUCTS TO CLEAN THE ROOF BEFORE APPLICATION.

How much product will I need for my project?

Five Gallons is usually enough for RV’s of all sizes.

Is Klimate Shield the Manufacture?

We have partnered with Master’s Touch, which is the inventor and manufacture of the products. Klimate Shield is the exclusive distributor to the consumer markets.

Application Directions-Klimate Shield Roof Protection



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