Klimate Shield Tire Extend

Klimate Shield Tire Extend


Klimate Shield Extend is Sunscreen for your tires!  It protects your tires from dry rotting and cracking due to UV and Oxidation Damage.

RV’s, Trailers or Vehicles that are not used much and sit tend to have tires that crack and dry out long before the tread is depleted.  DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DRIVING ON BAD TIRES; IT IS DANGEROUS.

Protect your tires from UV Damage and Oxidation that causes cracking and dry rot; hey and your tires will always look great too!



The damage that a blow out causes can be substantial.  The average damage on an RV is around $4,300 not to count the risk of people dying.

What is going on with your tires that makes them turn brown and crack in the first place?  From the day the tire is made it starts to oxidize.  Go to any RV lot and look at the browning of the tires on new RVs.  That is an indicator that the oxidation has already began, but it is not the fault of the dealer, (however they could pre-treat the tires with Extend to prevent the damage), it is the oils in the tire starting to dry due to UV Damage and exposure to the elements.  Left untreated those tires will continue to degrade until you start to see small cracks on the outside of the tire.  When that happens, it is time to get new tires because it is unsafe!

Our tire protection is like a sunscreen that protects your tires from the UV Rays and Oxidation that causes the tire to dry out and crack.  If you apply the tire protection to the outside of your tires 1 to 2 times per your you will get the full life from your tires.


How long will it last?

The tire protection will make sure your tires last up to the legal limit they are suppose to be on the road; known as the DOT Date.  This is a date the Department of Transportation says is the maximum time a tire can be on the road for “safety” reasons.  If your tires are beyond that date and your have a blow out, harm someone else, you are at fault and liable because of neglect.

How do you apply it?

Applied with a sponge applicator.  See application instructions

Can Extend be used to repair tires instead of replacing?

NO!  Once you have cracks in your tires they are shot, but if they are just brown and dry you can prevent further damage.

How many coats of Extend Tire Protection will I need?

The initial application you can do 2 coats to make sure you are getting a good foundation.  Reapplications you will only do one.

What equipment will I need?

Degreaser and tire brush for cleaning  our tiers.  A dense sponge to apply the product and damp rage for removing product from areas not intended.

How do I repair the coating if I scrape my tires?

Clean the area with water and reapply product to the area.

Do I need to clean the area before applying?

Yes, surface should be free of dirt, oil and or grease to get the best adhesion of the product.  The product will not stick to oil, grease or dirt.  Use a degreaser with a tire brush until it rinses clean with no brown or black coming off the tire.

How much product will I need for my project?

The 8oz bottle will easily treat most Class A Motorhome tires with product left over for reapplications.

Is Klimate Shield the Manufacture?

We have partnered with Master’s Touch, which is the inventor and manufacture of the products. Klimate Shield is the exclusive distributor to the consumer markets.

What are the causes of Blowouts?

Most are caused by one of 3 things.

  1. Old Tires or damaged tires that fail – ie. Cracks and dry rot.
  2. Tires that are not properly inflated.
  3. Tires are overloaded because the RV or Trailer is carrying too much weight.

Extend Tire Protection Application Instructions

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 2 × 7.5 in


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