Klimate Shield Tire Extend

//Klimate Shield Tire Extend

Klimate Shield Tire Extend


Prevents cracking, dry rot on tires due to UV and oxidation.  Keeps tires looking great and easy to clean.



Klimate Shield Tire Extend protects your tires from the UV and Oxidation that causes tires to crack and dry rot.  By applying Tire Extent one time per your you can extend the life of your tires significantly.  Also will help to keep them looking new without the browning you see on aged tires.  Easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Blowouts can be dangerous and life threatening while also doing serious damage to your RV, Boat and vehicle.  The average blowout on a RV cost $4,300.  This is usually caused by overloading the tires, air pressure problems and more often – cracked tires due to dry rot.

One 8 ounce bottle will provide 5 years of product for most vehicles or trailers.


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