Klimate Shield ReNew

Klimate Shield ReNew


Klimate Shield’s Renew is effective in removing years of oxidation, fading and minor scratches and sealing the surface of your RV, Boat or Vehicle from future damage.  Renew typically SAVES over ½ the time compared to traditional applications.



Klimate Shield Renew started as a way to protect aircraft and remove oxidation.  It needed to withstand extreme temperature variances and still perform.  Our unique formulation allows it to remove years of oxidation damage and re-seal the surface in one step.

Most oxidation removal requires using a rubbing compounds, final polish and then a wax or sealer to solve an oxidation problem.  Traditional methods also use wool pads that if not used by a professional can burn, create swirls and scratches that require more labor to remove.  Our clients have told us that Renew takes a 25 labor hour job and reduces it to 6 hours.

Klimate Shield Renew is used by some dealers to fix oxidation problems.  A customer purchased a “Paint and Fabric” package for their RV and the RV oxidized, but the other company denied the claim due to “Neglect”.  Those dealerships are using Renew to repair the RV to help the customer avoid having to repaint their RVS or live with a faded RV which cost them thousands in resale value.

Product should be applied with a buffer and foam pad for best results.  For surfaces without oxidation this is a great way to protect your RV, Boat, Airplane or Vehicle from the environment that will degrade the surface.


Does it have to be professionally applied?

No; If you can hold a buffer, follow instructions and are physically able to do some labor,  you can get great results with our Renew product.    Always use safety precautions when climbing ladders and using products.

What equipment will I need?

  1. A buffer- we recommend a DA- Buffer. The one from Harbor Freight works well.
  2. Buffing Pads – We recommend SM Arnold for ReNew and Mequire’s cutting disc for Px1
  3. Microfiber towels
  4. Bucket with cleaner to clean your buffing pads – about 6 ounces of degreaser for 3 gallons of water.

How is ReNew different than a wax?

Renew cleans and seals in one step, because it has some nano ceramic in the formula it will also last longer because it can withstand more heat and sun damage where wax just can hold up.

If you decide to wax you should be prepared to apply multiple times per year which can be a logical option for vehicles but would not make sense for RV’s and Boats.

How many pads will I need to do a boat or RV?

You can used one.  We recommend the SM Arnold pad (get it here).  You need to make sure you clean it regularly.  Most professional installers will have 3 to 4 that they will rotate out while doing a job so they are not wasting time cleaning one pad and waiting on it to dry.

What does it mean if I start to see black smears as I am applying the product?

Your pad is dirty, time to clean it- see instructions here.

The product seems hard to remove; what is the issue?

Most of the time it means you have a dirty pad and you are trying to wipe off the product along with dirt and grime.  Time to clean your pad.

Second, you are not letting the product dry all the way and removing too soon.

What’s the difference in a spay on sealant and Renew?

Night and Day.  Spray on sealants are more temporary and will not last in most real-world applications.  Spray on sealants are just on the surface and wear off much faster.  A lot of dealerships will sell a sealant package with 5 to 10-year warranties, but he product is gone in a year or less.  This is why people have issues when they file a claim.  In most cases you are buying a piece of paper because the product is not on the boat, RV or vehicle past 9 months.

ReNew is a hand applied product where the product gets down into the surface and chemically holds better than any spray on product we’ve seen or tested in over 10 years.

How does ReNew compare to other ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coatings can be great and provide solid surface protection.  We recommend Ceramic Coatings as we have one, as well.  ReNew has some ceramic in the formulation but not as much as full on ceramic coatings.

Here are the downsides of Ceramic Coatings:

  • Hard to apply – You must know what you are doing or you can have a real mess on your hands.
  • Most require some type of “re-newer” application annually or semiannual.
  • They are very expensive compared to the alternatives
  • Ceramic coatings cannot remove oxidation and reseal in one step; so you would still need to remove the oxidation before applying a ceramic coating.
  • The prep to use a ceramic coating is very labor and time intensive.

Does ReNew require reapplication?

Yes, all coatings that are not clear coat will require a reapplication at some point.  It all depends on how you care for your boat, RV or vehicle.  Is it kept indoors or outdoors, how often do you wash it and what do you use to wash it.  To get the maximum time before re-applying we recommend the following.

  • Only use a PH Balanced soap to wash your RV, Boat or Vehicle. (see here)
  • Avoid car washes
  • Avoid mobile RV washers who use high pressure and acid or alkaline chemicals to remove the dirt.
  • You are better off not washing it than using harsh chemicals to remove dirt. (saltwater is an exception)
  • Boats – wash after every use to remove salt and other contaminates from the surface.

How long do I leave it on before wiping it off?

When we have done airplanes, we have left it on over night to let the product continue to work into the surface, but it needs to be indoors and shaded.

Test with your finger and if the product comes off easily with no smearing it can be removed.  This is usually 10 to 20 minutes in a dry climate.

Does it harm the surface?

No, it will condition and protect the surface.  Do not use on Matte finished vehicles.

Can I apply on a newly repainted surface?

New Boats, RVs and vehicles are fine, but if it is a repaint you want to wait at least 30 days.   You new paint is continuing to cure.

What about extreme oxidation?

Yes, but you may need to use PX1 cleaner compound first with a foam pad.  Links below.  We have been able to repair surfaces on boats that were going to salvage or repaint to the surprise of the owner and body shops as well as RV’s.

Renew has been used to avoid repainting.  See some of our case studies here.

Can I apply Renew to metal , rubber or plastic?

Metal and coated plastic yes.  Rubber, no but you can use our Tire Protection to protect rubber and unfinished plastic from oxidizing more.

How does the product remove and reseal in one step?

It is formulated with a cleaner that helps lift out and remove the oxidation and oils in the product penetrate the surface to seal the surface.


Step 1: Wash the RV to clean the surface; this will save you time and your buffing pads will last longer without having to be cleaned.

Step 2:  Apply small amount to your buffing pad and on a low speed 1000 to 2000 RPMs apply the product in 2 or 3 feet by 2 or 3 feet section.  Keep applying product in sections

Step 3: When the product dries where you can easily wipe with your finger without a smear the product is ready to remove.  Used a clean microfiber towel to remove product from surface.

  • Some people will apply the product on one complete side of an RV or boat before wiping off the product with microfiber towel.

Step 4: Inspect and see if there are areas that were missed or need extra attention.  Repeat steps 2 & 3.

BEFORE STARTING TEST THE PRODUCT: Find an inconspicuous area where you have oxidation or a bad area and test to see how much each application removes.  This will help you determine how many times you will need to apply or if you need our PX1 Cleaner/compound with more course pad to remove the first layer of oxidation.  In extreme cases the PX1 can save time and provide a better outcome for you.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.25 × 8 in


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