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Products for the Discerning RV Owner

Remove Oxidation

Px1 is a cleaner and compound that will remove years of damage from your RV, Watercraft or Vehicle.  It is the perfect match with Ionic Ceramic to get the surface looking great and then Ionic will protect it moving forward.

Professional details and body shops are surprised how well Px1 cuts their time and gives great finish.

*please note that without sealing after using Px1 the look is temporary

Ionic Ceramic for your RV

Ionic Ceramic is a thin film technology that provides the protection your RV needs to prevent fading and oxidation.

Have you ever seen a faded RV?  They are ugly and cost the owner $ thousands in resale value!  Nobody likes an ugly RV!

Learn more about why this happens.

  • Sun Damage – Ionic prevent UV Rays from damaging the surface

  • Black Streaks – Hydrophobic so the black streaks can’t permanently stick to the surface.

  • Fading & Oxidation – protected from Heat and UV Rays

  • Resist Scratching and Chiping

  • Easier to Clean – Bugs and dirt come of easy due to hydrophobic nature of Ionic

  • NO Waxing Needed – Just wash your RV with soft brush, mit and ph balanced wash.

  • Protects Leather from fading and cracking

  • Heat resistant over 750 degrees

  • Leather – Prevents fading and cracking due to sun damage

  • Glass – Completely clear and makes glass easier to clean and resist rock chips

Don’t Settle – Get Ionic & Protect Your RV

RV ReNew

Remove Years of Damage & Neglect

RV ReNew is a special process that will remove oxidation & fading, condition the surface and reseal to protect your RV from future damage with proper care.

  • Sun Damage

  • Black Streaks

  • Oxidation

  • Weathering

  • Fading

  • Chalking

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10 Year Old Jayco - Front Cap
 Several Before & Afters
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Remove Years of Aging – Get RV ReNew
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RV Insulate – Roof Protection

Protects & Lowers Temperature

Klimate Shield’s Roof Protection helps reduce the temperature in your RV by reducing the roof’s surface temperature 20 to 28 degrees. Plus creates an additional layer of protection for seams and water leaks.

7 Year Warranty

  • Non Toxic

  • Flexible to reduce cracking

  • Protects Seams & Chalking

  • UV Inhibitor & Heat Blocker

  • Saves on Electricity 

  • Extends Life of A/C Units

  • Avoid High Cost of Roof Repairs

  • Hydrophobic Sealant for additional protection from leaks

  • Dries in 1 Hour

Why I Keep Checking...
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Sunscreen for Your Tires – Take care of them & They take care of you!

RV Extend – Tire Protection

Prevents Cracking & Dry Rot

Tires are a real challenge with RVs.  They tend to crack and dry rot long before the tread or the life of the tire has been used.

This is due to lack of use, UV Damage and Oxidation from the sun.  Damaged tires can be a safety hazard and expensive.  The average blowout cost around $4,300 in repairs.

Most blowouts are due to tire pressure, load and cracking due to dry rot.

The Solution

RV Extend Tire Protection is designed to protect your tires from Oxidation and UV Damage from the sun.  With an annual application, the tire will be protected.

Typical Aged TirePost Treatment